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“There’s no need to deny it, I just wanted to hear your true thoughts on this, right?”

Facing Shinohara, who wasn’t willing to admit it, I then used Sato-san to egg her on.

“Yeah, I’m also super interested! Tell us, tell us!!”

At times like this, it was convenient to get Satou-san to do what I wanted just by giving her simple hints. She wasn’t the type of person to think deeply. Needless to say, this had a negative effect on her academic ability.

Although it was a very harsh evaluation, I didn’t necessarily hate her.

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Both Shinohara-san and Sato-san were close friends, and they were indispensable girl friends.

If they ever felt troubled, I would help them out and listen to them.

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Of course, if they had the same ability to match me, then it would be even better.

Shinohara-san, who was completely unaware of what I was thinking, started to talk about her relationship with Ike-kun.

“Recently, I’ve always been arguing with him about stupid things. So honestly, there really isn’t much progress.”

Shinohara-san shook her head, sighing.

However, she never said that there was absolutely no development.

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“After all, you both have personalities that aren’t so straightforward——If the same thing were to happen again, there’s going to be a change.”

Although they were a good match, there was always conflict between them regarding weird things.

I feel that as long as they turned past that, the relationship between the both of them would immediately be better.

“Enough about me, what about you, Matsushita-san? Do you like anyone?”