Is it a cheat?

Is it a cheat?

Amano tilted his head confusingly. Mizumi tried to make progress and explained.

“Anyway, that’s what happened for now. However, I think Mii did have a point when she said she doesn’t want to escalate this. So, we planned to look around for an hour. Of course, we’ll have to pay the police a visit if she still can’t meet up with her family.”

Amano nodded deeply at what he said.

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“I see. Then, the four of you listened to Mii’s situation. …In the end, everyone couldn’t bear to leave, so things dragged out like this.”


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The four of us sighed at the same time. …Suddenly, Amano chuckled out for some reason. We frowned displeasedly. Amano apologized. “It’s nothing. I’m sorry.” After that-

For some reason, he looked at everyone lovingly and smiled.

“Uehara-kun, Kousei, Mizumi-kun, and Kase-senpai, …you’re all nice guys. I’m really happy.”


We immediately blushed. It’s so embarrassing that we turned away from Amano.

W-What’s wrong with this guy!? How can he always praise someone so honestly as long as he’s a guy? He’s too innocent, and we can’t even cover it.

After Mii looked at us, she turned to Amano and asked him calmly.

“Keita-nii-chan, I saw it. Among these useless guys, …you’re like a princess for otakus, am I right?”

The four of us yelled out when Amano’s still confused. By the way, what’s wrong with this girl’s words? I can’t believe she can say stuff like a princess for otakus! Whether it’s the goth loli clothes, her poisonous tongue, or her wild perspectives, …seriously, what’s wrong with her family!?

Mii told Amano.

“From this perspective, Keita-nii-chan, you’re just like my mom.”

“Eh, you’re saying we’re the same…? I didn’t know your mom is a princess for otakus? Also, she’s blatantly saying all that to you? I wonder what she’s like…”

“She’s a beauty. Also, she’s popular, my mom.”