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Yu Fei almost thought that he had heard wrongly. “Huh?”

“Chief planner? What chief planner?”

Li Yada answered, “Of course, the chief planner of Tengda Games. Are there other chief planners?”

Yu Fei pointed at himself. “Me?”

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“I’ll be the chief planner?”

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“I know nothing about game design! How can I be the chief planner!”

Yu Fei was shocked. If he had not known Li Yada for a long time, he would have thought that she was joking with him.

Game design was a very professional job!

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Yu Fei felt that he was just an ordinary author. He was lucky to be selected by Boss Pei when he wrote this book. How could he be the chief planner?

Li Yada explained, “I’m just here to take over temporarily.”

Yu Fei shook his head like a rattle drum. “I can’t even take over the shifts!”

“Big Sister Li, you cannot joke about this! It’s very serious!”

Li Yada nodded. “I’m very serious!”

“Look, this is the situation.”

“Hu Xianbin was originally in charge of Eternal Reincarnation, but he obtained second place for the outstanding employee and went on a holiday. He left in a hurry, so he entrusted this matter to me.”

Yu Fei nodded. This was very reasonable.

After all, Li Yada was the chief designer of Repent and be Saved. It was only natural that Hu Xianbin would hand over the job to her.