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What investment on the Internet is the most steady and then fastest

“Honestly, you were far stronger than I had imagined. You blew through Horikita’s advantage and I lost. There’s no doubt about it.”

“That’s not the case. It was a very good match. It could’ve gone either way until the very end. Though, you wouldn’t disagree that the one move I made toward the end was what made all the difference, yes?”

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“Your queen sacrifice was brilliant.”

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It all came down to what had taken place on the other side of the large monitor.

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My instructions had interlaced with hers, and the result of that was that hers were superior.

Miracles, second chances, there was no room for any of that.

Victory and defeat were judged, determined, and decided at the school’s discretion.

Even though we had put up a good fight, Class C had still lost to Class A, losing 30 class points in the process.

By itself, this only seemed like a minor injury, but we still had yet to see what happened in the other classes…

“Is there something you still want from me?”

“Something I want, is it? Not particularly.”

With a gentle smile, Sakayanagi nodded her head in satisfaction.

“I was simply looking forward to facing off against you. And now, that wish has come true. I’m satisfied.”

In which case, I guess I was just glad that I was able to give her what she wanted.

It would be troublesome if Sakagami-sensei got mad at us for talking like this for too long, so I got up out of my seat as well.

Just as I was about to reach for the door handle and leave, Acting Director Tsukishiro showed up in the multipurpose room.

“Well, the two of you have really gone and shown me something worth seeing.”

“Why hello there, Acting Director Tsukishiro. Did you watch the special exam?”

“Yes. After all, those of us from the school have the obligation of making sure there has been no injustice. I was in the other room, keeping an eye on the two of you as you made use of commander intervention and watching as your match developed.”